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A lot of website masters and owners are clueless regarding link prices. To calculate link prices you need a link price calculator. Link prices are what popular sites will charge you if you want to create a link to their site. And, if you don’t know what you should charge a website that intends to link to your site. You can go to and use the link price calculator tool.

Popular websites advertise their links and ask for a price to allow you to link to their site. The question is, why do you want to buy a link? The answer is pretty simple if you are aware of the fact that search engines factor in links when ranking websites. The more popular and stronger links your site has, the more chances it has in moving up in the ranking.

Moving up in Google and other search engines ranking is what all site owners want to achieve. To appear in the top position of the very first page on all search engines your website must follow the acronym ART, which is:

  1. Authority
  2. Relevance
  3. Traffic

To become an industry leader on the internet needs hard work and acumen. More links you have means more traffic you should get. The gain in traffic will assist your site in gaining relevance and authority.


Once you start getting queries and emails from other website masters requesting for a link to your website. That’s when you know that your site's popularity has grown and now you are in a position to sell links. You might not be a web marketer or have any idea how much to charge for a link.

All you know is that your website's popularity is on the rise and sites are requesting links to your site. Perform a check to realize your worth by a website price checker. In most cases, these sites are selling related products or services. They want to interest your visitors to visit their site via the link. They may also want to place an ad on their website on yours. You must check your website's backlinks using a backink checker. By doing this, you will get a list of all your website's internal as well as external links.

Today there's a huge competition among travel, hotels, and product sellers, and virtually every industry wants to advertise their site on the maximum number of websites. It is a marketing effort to get as much traffic to their websites by buying links to other sites.

They will flood you with requests and offer you all sorts of deals. It is where you have to be careful and select the type of sites that you want to have links to your site. Amazon has camel camel camel, my Priceline estimate is for GM car parts prices, and some others buy links

They buy links based on which target market is the site addressing and in which country. Amazon would not be interested in buying links on a popular site where they don't sell goods. On the other hand, a tour operator would be targeting the entire global market.


You must know what your website links worth? It is where you need a website price checker, and ours is a good one. Enter the URL of the website that you want to check. It will calculate and display the link price in US dollars.

Lots of link price calculators available on the internet but our tool calculates prices on the basis of the website's popularity and traffic. First, check your page google ranking with page rank checker. The better ranked a website is, the more costly it will be its links.

Once you get this price, you are in a better bargaining position with site owners who want to buy or sell links. Also, you must be careful when you are negotiating on selling links. You might agree to sell a link for a year, and after a few months, you see that your link prices have risen appreciably.

Link prices will keep changing as the traffic to your website increases. More traffic translates to more popularity, and this is why your link prices rise. If the traffic decreases, the link price also goes down.


You will need to use a link price calculator in two scenarios. One, you want to purchase links to a website, or you want to sell links to your site. In either case, you will need to use a link price calculator as you would have no idea about buying and selling internet links

Since the internet is not confined to any single area and is worldwide, you don't know who and from where is looking at your site. Also, you won't have any idea about the price of your website or its links. It is where the link price calculator comes in handy. It will accurately calculate the worth of your links and of any site you want to link to.

You must use it if you plan to purchase links to a site. Enter the site's URL, and you will get the price of its links. If the owner quotes a higher price, you can tell him or her that you have checked their link price. Similarly, if you are approached to sell a link, you will be quoted as a bargain price. You can demand more or ask them to check the link price and then talk to you.

Selling your site on the internet through links is quite tricky as everyone wants to strike the best deal possible. Using a link price calculator is just the first step in establishing a market price. The actual deal will involve a few more factors. It is particularly the case if the other website wants to run ads on your site. Then it becomes a different ball game as it not just links but space as well on your site that you are selling.